MARCO volunteers. 30th anniversary

The experience of being a volunteer at MARCO.

By Edna Cano Roel.

June 2023

I would like to mention that the members of the MARCO volunteer group come from different professions, of very different ages and from different places in the city or from birth. Yes, it seems that we don't have much in common, but then what unites us? In this case there is no other reason than, literally, the love of art. Some started volunteering before finishing their professional career and continue over the years. Others of us have integrated when family activities gave us the opportunity to participate in tasks related to our particular interest.

We like art and visiting museums, so some of us have had the opportunity to have a guided tour of the exhibition we visited and we know that this enriches the experience.

With the interest of leading other people to appreciate and enjoy the experience of visiting the museum and art in general, we have joined the Volunteering at MARCO, where we learn through training and contact with the artists and curators of the exhibitions on display here. As a group we seek to learn, we share experiences or information about the artist, his career and his work. This also generates a synergy between the volunteers and MARCO, which is supported by people interested in and committed to art and the Museum.

Throughout time, I have had magnificent experiences meeting internationally renowned plastic artists, writers and musicians. In addition, the joy of listening to the artist talk about his creative process and his works, and knowing the discourse that leads the curator to define the selection of works for an exhibition. In Volunteering, growth is continuous, we learn about exhibitions, artistic movements, art history and its different manifestations through diploma courses and other events.

In this time, 26 years, I have had the opportunity to meet artists who live here in Monterrey, visiting their studio/workshop with the group; traveling to visit other museums and exhibitions, where we meet their volunteers and exchange experiences, as well as visiting museums during the trips, making contact and appreciating their work as volunteers; and in all these experiences it fills me with pride to know the appreciation and respect they have for our beloved Museum.

In addition, in the group we make friends, some for the rest of life. I have colleagues in mind who have been volunteering for a long time and began their friendship when they joined the group, a few decades ago.

For all this, I like being a volunteer at MARCO.