“At MARCO, as a museum designer, as a visual creator and as an audience.

When the Museum of Contemporary Art opened on June 28, 1991, we were building the Museum of Glass, which would open to the public the following year. I remember my participation in MARCO in 1992 in the museographic assembly of CRISTALOMANCIA exhibition organized by the Centro de Arte Vitro under the direction of my beloved architect Eliseo Garza.
This exhibition, with 70 glass artists and more than 130 works, was held within the framework of the annual Congress of the Glass Art Society, which was held that same year in the then DF, under the curatorship of the beloved maestro Miguel Ángel Fernández. With renowned artists of contemporary glass art such as Stanislav Libenskÿ, Lino Tagliapietra, Dale Chihuly, Jon Kuhn, Paul Stankard, Michael Taylor and my dear friends, the Mexicans Enrique Canales, Ana Thiel and Raquel Stolarski among others.

Christmas installation.

In 2000 I was invited to carry out the Christmas installation of that year, after presenting several projects to them, they selected "Gifts", which were rectangular structures from which hung glass bottles filled with colored water and which formed a piñata, a star and a pine.

The piñatas.

A group of creators from the city participated in 2005 in the Christmas project called “Piñatas”. They gave each of us a blank piñata and, like a three-dimensional canvas, we intervened with our materials and style.

Eyes that see and heart that feels.
As an audience, I have witnessed dozens of exhibitions, from our cultural heritage with "Mexico: Splendors of thirty centuries", to the boxes full of surprises by Joseph Cornell through the magic of glass in "Cristalomancia".

The master strokes in the painting of Claudio Bravo and the fantastic characters of Leonora Carrington, with the outstanding museography of the Pecanins sisters.

Beautiful memories of the wonder of Gego and his questions to the line and the funny and gigantic penetrable installations of Jesús Rafael Soto, the magician of Kinetic Art.

From the painting of Enrique Guzmán or the lurid but attractive cobwebs of Tomás Saraceno to the giant or miniature human figures of Ron Mueck. More recently Cardiff & Miller and its multidisciplinary facilities, such as the one of the motor home that caused me so many emotions until I ended in tears.

Food for the soul and spirit.

Thanks, MARCO. "

Sergio Rodriguez

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