"The Museum of Contemporary Art of Monterrey, MARCO
The Museum from its beginnings was seen as a pole of cultural development, currently it has become a cultural icon in the northeast of Mexico. Thus, it is one of the institutions that permeates Mexican culture from the different activities related to art in general that it constantly produces and develops.

At the beginning of the 90's I remember going to the inaugurations of several of the international Biennials of painting that took place in the Museum when Diego Sada Zambrano acted as director; I think that was what detonated and linked the Marco Museum with the Monterrey public of that time. Throughout its history we have been able to observe how it has evolved and shown different cultural expressions.

One of the projects that I have in mind and in which I participated as a guest artist with a VIDEO-ART was the MARCO-Móvil, a rolling gallery that moved to different municipalities of the state of Nuevo León for educational and cultural purposes and that I am sure created a hotbed of artists and / or art lovers
I do not omit to point out the different art workshops that I have given as a guest artist, as well as the exhibitions of Sound Art that have been generated with the synergy of the MARCO Museum and the International Contemporary Art Foundation AC, for the realization of the International Festival of Sound Art, SONOM, which has established itself as one of the avant-garde platforms in International Sound Art that I am honored to direct.

It is important to highlight that although I have not been in direct relationship with artistic activities during all these years, I have managed to verify how this institution has positioned itself in the cultural sphere of the country. "

Robert Arcaute

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