“20 years ago I came to MARCO with a projector and a carousel full of slides, at that time I had modern visual aids for the photography class that was just beginning to be taught. The students, with high expectations for learning to operate their cameras, arrived with rolls of film of different sensitivities ready for the practices that they would review a week later, when they developed and printed their photographs.

Technological development has evolved, true, but there is something that remains intact in MARCO students: the need to learn. Students who enroll in the Photography workshop, whatever the course, are in search of knowledge, not in search of a qualification or to fill out a curricular line. That allows the teaching process to be dynamic, joyous.

The students we have vary between, housewives, professionals, or future professional photographers, ranging in age from 16 years to 75 years. Your expectations are then as varied as the characteristics of your purposes for taking photos. Due to this and that we do not have an entrance profile to each course, the teachers of MARCO have designed and adapted our courses to the needs of each group that we welcome.

We have made these adjustments to the programs with the aim of refining the objectives and reaching them with various practices, to now have the development of a common photographic language, the passion for the photo and the enormous possibility that it offers us to express ideas, sensations: a new language. "

Juan Jose Ceron

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