“Of the artistic activities that are known, in my opinion, drawing is one of the first that human beings used to communicate, proof of this are the cave paintings. The men of that time began by drawing straight lines, curves and cracks trying to express experiences. It is said that they drew the animals they wanted to hunt because that helped them to lose their fear, this indicates that this activity has also had therapeutic functions since its inception. Later they were advancing in the domain of the line, drawing the animals with movement, later adding other elements such as trees, rivers, the moon, the stars, the sun, someone, perhaps by chance, discovered plants and minerals that gave them color and volume, thus enriching his drawings and giving them more realism.

I think that's how the first painters were born.

Those painters made their drawings on the walls of the caves and those who entered, admired those paintings that were part of a language that communicated feelings, concerns, fears, joys, achievements, etc.

I think that is how the first exhibitions were born.

Some of these artists had the willingness and patience to teach other people how to draw.

I think that is how the first painting masters were born.

For more than 30 years I have dedicated myself to this last activity. In 2010, thanks to my daughter, the also plastic artist Lorena Rodríguez, we were invited to give painting classes at MARCO's Adult Workshops. When I found out, I felt a terrible fear, at the moment I thought it was a great responsibility and I did not know if I could handle the package.

Being part of the group of teachers at MARCO, the most important museum in Latin America, was a long-cherished dream.
I had visited the Museum many times, I was fascinated by its architecture, its huge and beautiful dove, its rooms, its majestic central patio, its wonderful and original fountain. On its walls he had admired exhibitions of the best artists in the world. Now I would teach there, I couldn't believe it!

The day came to give my first class, I arrived at the Museum, my legs were shaking, I thought I could not walk. Finally I entered the workshop, the students were entering and settled in their places behind the trestles, most of them were young boys. He didn't know what he would say to them. More than 25 years of teaching and I did not know how to start! I was terrified of not measuring up. I started by telling them my name and that I would be their teacher. I don't remember what else I said, I just remember that my mouth was dry to the throat and that my hands could barely hold the pencil. As class went on, I felt more secure and relaxed.

Since then 10 years have passed, I have given many courses, despite the age difference with my students I have realized that this is not an impediment. As we have a common interest: painting, there are no barriers between us.

My objective has been to transmit my knowledge to them, and that of my students to assimilate and put them into practice. Most of them could be my children and some even my grandchildren, however we have developed a beautiful friendship. We have been in contact for years, I have seen them learn and improve day by day, some have formed their workshops and teach classes, I have seen them graduate, get married, I have seen their children grow up, we have congratulated and celebrated each other on our birthdays and dates. important.

Over the years I have been able to verify that they do like my classes, because almost everyone re-enrolls, some up to more than 10 times. This is a great satisfaction for me, most of my courses, before the first class, are already full.
Among my students there is a boy, Luis Rolando. In the first class, his mother told me that Luis was a special child, he explained to me that he has Asperger's Syndrome, that he was withdrawn and that he did not speak much.

In the first class I taught them a simple way of drawing that is based on using a grid, but after explaining it several times Luis could not understand it, until it occurred to me to say to him: “look, you draw as God gives you to understand and I correct you, as you go you will learn ”. It was the best I could do! He is fabulous at drawing, has an amazing ease with proportions and a great ability to color. His paintings have a lot of light. With him, I had to learn that there are different ways to guide students. Luis is one of those who re-enrolls year after year. I once suggested that he make an original painting. I asked him to get it out of his imagination without having to rely on a model. At the beginning it got stuck a bit, but once moving forward it had no problem. He made a painting of the Macroplaza, with the Faro del Comercio, the Monterrey Casino, the Cathedral, obviously MARCO and in the background our beautiful Cerro de la Silla. It took several courses to finish it because it was not easy, but it was extraordinary, everyone who saw it congratulated him. In the end-of-year show he exhibited it and one person liked it so much that he bought it for a very good price. We were happy, his mother, me and of course him! It was something very special that gave him a lot of security. Luis learned not only to paint, but to know that painting can be a good source of income for him.

Being a teacher at MARCO has been a great experience. I love the Museum very much, I want it to always exist. Due to the pandemic, there have been no face-to-face classes for 9 months, but I am happy because we will start Zoom courses in January 2021. As long as I can and they allow me, I will continue teaching in their workshops. It is a great pride to be a painting teacher at MARCO.

The best gift I have ever received is a T-shirt that says: “MARCO, ELSY museum, EVERYONE museum”… This is true! ”

Elsa ayala

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