New exhibition at MARCO

Mario Garcia Torres. The poetics of the return



MARCO will present for the first time in a solo exhibition in Monterrey one of the great representatives of contemporary Latin American art, Mario García Torres, with La poética del returno, which brings together more than thirty works spanning two decades of the artist's career.

This exhibition was created and organized by MARCO under the curatorship of Taiyana Pimentel and establishes a parallel between post-conceptual and immersive practices, as well as analyzing through early works, the connotations of the sense of space and landscape born early in the city of Monterrey. The same that welcomed him in his formative days and that are concepts that have accompanied him in his later artistic practice.

The artist has explored appropriation, repetition and recreation in his works as strategies that are addressed in the themes he chooses. His projects frequently investigate the history of contemporary art, particularly conceptual art, to propose different and captivating narratives through photographs, slide projections, films, sound, text and video installations; he often juxtaposes facts with imagined scenes, blurring truth and fiction along the way.

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This journey through the work of Mario García Torres, seeks to encourage the participation of various audiences and capture their attention by inviting them to experiment and reflect on conceptual art; also to consider the subjective nature of historical records, the limitations of memory and the possibilities of perception.

You will be able to appreciate works that have mostly been presented in international venues but that will be the first time that they are exhibited in the city of Monterrey and in addition to the inclusion of 6 works that were specially created for this exhibition, among which are:

Kokoloko, dedicated to one of the most emblematic sites in Monterrey and preferred by young people from Monterrey during the nineties. A site that for the artist himself was a place of inspiration and exchange of ideas.

Spoiler Paintings, a series of paintings that will reveal the endings of films that were selected by the artist. They will be presented in a way that will give the viewer the power to decide whether or not they want to enter the room, because if they have not seen any of the films, the artist will spoil the ending.

The boy who liked to be bored, a character that appears in the book Xoco which García Torres takes up in two films. The story was written by the artist, and the book illustrated by Tomoko Hirasawa. At MARCO there will be a new edition of the book (Spanish) and during the exhibition, a dancer will personify Xoco.

It will be exhibited in rooms 1 to 5 on the ground floor and you will be able to visit it from Friday, March 12, the same day that MARCO will open its doors to the public again.