"What overflows" by Ismael Merla

JUNE 2021 


On the occasion of the celebrations for the 30th Anniversary of the MARCO museum, artists living in or from Nuevo León were invited from March until May 14 to participate in this artistic intervention on the esplanade of the Museum. The project includes the intervention of the staircase located on the main façade right where La Paloma is located.

The jury made up of Marco's director, Taiyana Pimentel, Patrick Charpenel, executive director of Museo del Barrio, NY, and artist Mario García Torres, evaluated a total of 17 proposals and after several deliberations, it was unanimously concluded that the winning project was the proposal "Lo que se overborda" by the artist from Monterrey, Ismael Merla, standing out for the originality and values ​​presented in the call. The intervention was inaugurated in parallel to MARCO's 30th Anniversary.

Merla raised the title imagining the museum as a kind of "container" and art as a liquid that comes out of it and that could run throughout the city, implying that MARCO is full of art, and year after year, it continues to fill to the point that leaves the physical space and "drains" down the stairs, until it reaches the sidewalk, the streets, until the viewer.

The colors yellow, black and white, used in the design (adhered vinyl), refer to those used in the traffic signs and were selected for their proximity to the urban public space. Distributed at various points on the stairs, you can find several QR codes, each of which will take the visitor to the website, video mapping of the stairs and different parts of the video "What overflows, authorship of the artist in which he narrates the creative process to achieve the proposal and what was its inspiration.

The artist from Monterrey Ismael Merla began his career in 1994 with a solo exhibition entitled “El Desierto de la Soledad”. It has developed throughout his career as a teacher and designer. He has experience in more than 300 exhibitions, art fairs and national and international museums.

As an artist he has delved into a wide range of subjects and techniques such as painting, drawing, object art, installation and video. He frequently addresses personal issues in his exhibitions and projects, while making references to the field of contemporary Latin American art, popular culture, and the creative work of other authors he admires.

Ismael Merla has successfully used multiple techniques, media and formats. By doing this he shows great versatility, he shows his interest in growing as a creator, not in stagnating. It seems to suggest that it is the ideas that lead him to take experimentation as an alternative from which both the viewer and the work of art are enriched.