Writing and literature
Courses in which the student will find knowledge for the promotion and enjoyment of the literary arts in its various fields, as well as instruments that contribute to the refinement of their writing, spelling and writing.

Chlorophyll between the branches. Plant memory writing.
Aimed at beginners.  

Explore self-referential writing through literary memory, a text in which the author is the protagonist of a true story, with the creative trigger of our real and intimate relationship with the plant kingdom.


During seven 90-minute virtual sessions, we will link two thematic universes: memory as a format of literary expression and plant life as a creative trigger. Each participant will create a memory map about significant moments in relation to plants; From the map, you will write a short literary memoir. We will analyze theoretical concepts that help to prepare texts, we will read literary creations aloud and we will receive group comments. We will do some activities outside of session hours: we will read examples of memories and we will review other didactic materials for the recognition of elements, structures and styles. Each participant will prepare a text, with a specific length, to present it in front of the group and receive feedback. We will end the workshop with reflections on the impact of nature on our lives and on our creative processes.

1 session
Characteristics and theoretical concepts of the literary subgenre of autobiography and memory.

2 session
Narrative techniques and literary figures as linguistic resources for memory writing.

3 session
Map of memories: the senses as triggers for writing: journey through memories
sensory related to nature in one's life: sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste.

Session 4 to 6
Reading aloud of participants' memories

7 session
Reflections on the care and preservation of our environment, as well as the recapitulation of the experience of memory writing as an artistic tool.

Carmen Alanis

Graduated in Spanish Letters from the UANL. Since 2001 she has worked as a learning facilitator in the areas of cultural promotion, literacy mediation, human rights, gender equity,
textual editing and university teaching. Interviewer, researcher and playwright at the La Zorroridad Producciones Collective. As a literacy mediator, she has given courses, workshops, seminars, talks, editorial presentations and conferences at institutions such as CONARTE, UANL, UMM, ITESM, MARCO, Niños CONARTE, the Ministry of Education, the International Fair of Libro de Monterrey, the UANLeer University Book Fair and various cultural spaces.

Cost: $ 1,200 *

Duration: 7 sessions | From August 7 to September 18 | Monday from 18:00 to 19:30

* The course is taught via Zoom *


T. +52 (81) 8262.4573