Writing and literature
Courses in which the student will find knowledge for the promotion and enjoyment of the literary arts in its various fields, as well as instruments that contribute to the refinement of their writing, spelling and writing.


Literary creation workshop
Aimed at people over 17 years old | Beginners.  

Theoretical-practical workshop in which the student will learn basic tools to write narrative and techniques to develop creativity.


At the end of the course, the student will have knowledge of the fundamental parts of a narrative work; Likewise, you will be able to textualize different ideas for the development of stories, and you will obtain tools to review and correct your own texts.

1 session
1.1 Narrator: who counts and for what?
1.2 Types of narrator
1.3 Writing exercise with narrative focus change

2 session
2.1 The characters
2.2 Character type and construction
2.3 Writing exercise: character development from template

3 session
3.1 The conflict
3.2 Development of nodes (conflicts) and catalysis. The "events" in the narrative.
3.3 Creative exercise for conflict development

4 session
4.1 Narrative structures
4.2 Identification of structures
4.3 Writing exercise

5 session
5.5 Literary language
5.2 Tone and atmosphere
5.3 Writing exercise

6 session
6.1 Scaffolding of history
6.2 Personal project development

7 session
7.1 Editing and proofreading a text
7.2 Tools for correction
7.3 Read aloud

Susana Ruiz

She has a doctorate in Humanistic Studies with a specialty in Literature and Discourse from the Tecnológico de Monterrey, and a cultural promoter since 2001. Her line of research covers electronic literature, digital media and the relationship between the work and its materiality. She is currently a full professor of Hispanic Literature at the Tecnológico de Monterrey in the area of ​​publishing; coordinates the project to promote Biblionautas literature, as well as various language and literature workshops in both public and private spaces. She is the author of the book The Open Literary Work: From Digital to Printed Support (2017).

Cost: $ 2,450 *

Duration: 7 sessions | From June 16 to June 28 | Wednesday from 18:30 to 21:00

* Only includes online material.
* The course is taught via Zoom *


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