ART Criticism and cultural analysis
Courses that seek to facilitate the development of skills for the appreciation, interpretation and study of the different manifestations of art, taking into account the historical, social and cultural perspectives.

Art and collecting: From modernity to contemporary
Aimed at people over 15 years old | Beginner level  

In this course we intend to take as a point of analysis the exhibition “Echoes of the eternal: A journey from modernity to the contemporary” and we will understand how through the collection of objects and works of art we can understand culture, identity and history of humanity. Through thematic axes, some important events that have marked the history of modern art and how they have impacted Mexico will be analyzed, and the important works of art and artists that have been part of these phenomena will also be interpreted and appreciated.


The student will achieve a theoretical approach and will be able to analyze the movements in art history that emerged in Europe and had a great impact in Mexico, and will also understand how art collecting has contributed to the existence of a visual memory of what happened in history. through objects and works that tell stories.

1 session
From heritage to collecting: a window into the past to look toward the future.

2 session
Collect, protect, exhibit: the magic of museums.

3 session
Avant-garde art: Picasso and Duchamp at the forefront of a revolution.

4 session
Cubism and surrealism: impact of the European avant-garde in Mexico.

5 session
Building a nationalist art: Muralism in Mexico.

6 session
Consolidation of Modernism in Mexico.

7 session
Ties and influences between modern and contemporary artists.

Marianna Gonzalez Gastelum

She has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Monterrey. It has studies related to art education and art history. She was Marketing Coordinator at the Vaso Roto Ediciones publishing house in San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León and later Content Editor of the architecture and design magazine Tu Casa Nueva in Hermosillo, Sonora. In the educational field, he has given conferences, courses and workshops on the history of art and artistic expression for girls, boys, youth and adults in various institutions and cultural centers such as the Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Sonora Norte, from where he has designed, taught and coordinated subjects as well as student cultural projects. Since 2016 she has held the position of Coordinator of Arts at the Sonoran Institute of Culture and in 2019 she launched Arte Appétit: Cultura abocados, a platform dedicated to cultural education from where she gives talks and courses on art history.

Cost: 1,250 pesos

7 sessions | From October 12 to November 30 (holiday November 2)

* The course is taught on Thursdays from live talks at 5:00 pm via Zoom. It is necessary to have a Zoom account


Introduction to curatorial practice
Aimed at all audiences | Beginner level  

This course provides a first encounter with contemporary curatorial practice. Through 7 theoretical-practical sessions, the general notions of curatorship, the curator and its main components will be addressed. Curatorial practice will be reviewed from a historical, theoretical and creative perspective, in addition to the planning of an exhibition and the development of concepts and proposals.


The participant will become familiar with the nature of contemporary curatorial practice, will have an understanding of the basic skills necessary to develop within the field of curating and will know the main components to develop a curatorial project, from theoretical approaches to their impact within art. current contemporary.

Week 1
Contemporary curatorial practice
Brief historical review
Roles and responsibilities
Structure of the curatorial project

Week 2
The curatorial figure
Conceptualizing the curatorial project
Writing: Beyond the wall text
Case study: Damián Ortega: pico y elote
Guest: Alberto Ríos de la Rosa, curator at Casa Wabi and PAC Art Residency.

Week 3
Artist and curator: meeting points
Guest: Carlos Balderrama Félix, contemporary visual artist.
Curatorial draft (stage 1, conceptualization)

Week 4
Curatorship and cultural disputes of the XNUMXst century
Ecocriticism, feminisms and diversities
Towards a decolonial curatorship
Curation from care

Week 5
Collaborative projects
Collaborative curatorial practice
Case study: Framed hug
Guests: Teresa Chadwick, artist and curator; Cordelia Rizzo, academic, activist and textile creator;
and Tania Martínez, art educator, researcher and cultural producer.

Week 6
Curatorship and the art market
Guest: Valeria Haerbeli, gallerist and former director of PEANA.
Curatorial draft (stage 2, review of progress)

Week 7
From word to deed: beyond curatorship
Museography: design and assembly of an exhibition space
Pedagogical aspects: education and mediation
Curatorial draft (stage 3, final review)

Idalia B. Santos

Graduated in Letters with a specialty in Art, she is currently Curatorial Assistant and Manager of Artistic Residencies at PEANA Projects, an art gallery with a presence in the cities of New York and San Pedro. For four years, she worked within the Curatorial and Education departments of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Monterrey. Her experience focuses on contemporary art and the development of art-based education programs.

Cost: $ 1,250 

Teacher: Idalia B. Santos
7 weeks | October 11 to November 22
Wednesday (real-time classes via Zoom) | 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.
*Includes material seen in class sent by email
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