ART Criticism and cultural analysis
Courses that seek to facilitate the development of skills for the appreciation, interpretation and study of the different manifestations of art, taking into account the historical, social and cultural perspectives.


Reflections on art: Art, its origin and its destiny
Aimed at people over 15 years old | Beginner level  

This seminar works on a deepening of the disturbing aspects of contemporary art, its influences and references; in order to train viewers and artists in critical contact with their artistic tradition.


In these sessions the participant will study the relationship of the contemporary artist with the visions of the end of the world in art. These ideas will provide you with analytical tools that will arouse your concern and establish relevant sources for a dialogue with art.

Session 1 | The origin of the work of art (face-to-face at MARCO)
1.1 Understanding art, a dangerous mission.
1.2 The revolution and the artistic revolution.

Session 2 | What the hell is contemporary art? (face-to-face at MARCO)
2.1 Visions and narratives of contemporary art.
2.2 The end of the myths.

Session 3 | Cinema: eros and thanatos, an incendiary relationship (online at Zoom)
3.1 Polansky,
3.3 Luis Bunuel.

Session 4 | Romanticism, the rebirth of art (face-to-face at MARCO)
4.1 Without romanticism there is no contemporary art.
4.2 Are we romantic?
4.3. The Revenant by Alejandro González Iñárritu

Session 5 | The plot of art (face-to-face at MARCO)
5.1 Is what we see now art?
5.2 Art and social conflict.

Session 6 | Painting, photography, cinema (online at Zoom)
6.1 The image and the painting, the last enigma.
6.2 Photography and the desire for reality.
6.3 The cinema and the rebirth of the enigma. (Best films of the XNUMXst century

Session 7 | Artists who were inspired by Nietzsche (face-to-face at MARCO)
7.1 Melancholy, Lars von Trier

Samuel Rodriguez Medina

He is a professor of Art, Cinema and Aesthetics at the ITESM campus Monterrey. He has a postgraduate degree in Contemporary Philosophy with an emphasis on art from the University of Granada, Spain. His books on Theory of Art "The awakening of the Look", "Night flight" (Ed. Font), and narrative, "The absence" (Arkho Ediciones), and "Death to the drift" (Alcion editora), have been published in both Mexico and Argentina. He has participated in national and international artistic and editorial projects and conferences with prestigious institutions. IG: samuelrodriguezdecember.

Cost: 1,200 * pesos

7 sessions | From October 24 to December 12 (holiday on November 21)

*The course is taught on Mondays from live talks at 18:30 via Zoom. You need to have a Zoom account


Mexican art, XNUMXth century
Aimed at people over 15 years old | Beginner level  

Throughout seven sessions of theoretical content, the participants will study the characteristics of Mexican art according to the discursive and creative processes of the artistic manifestations of each era from the XNUMXth century, contextualizing ourselves with the events and periods that make up the history of Mexico. Students will take a chronological tour of the development of the arts in Mexico from independent Mexico to the present.


At the end of the course, the student will be able to understand the historical development of art in Mexico from the construction of a new independent nation to the present day, identifying the history of modern and contemporary Mexican art. It will be analyzed through the various artistic manifestations that have been created and transformed throughout history, which in turn, these manifestations have shaped and questioned the identity of the Mexican. The student will be able to identify characteristics, typologies, themes, iconography and forms of representation of each period and will be able to recognize styles and define a timeline.

1 session
A new nation: independent Mexico

2 session
XNUMXth century art: Porfiriato

3 session
XNUMXth century: Searching for a new national identity: Muralism

4 session
Surrealism in Mexico

5 session
The modern avant-garde in Mexico: Generation of La Ruptura

6 session
New discourses, new forms: Feminism, Neo-Mexicanism

7 session
Mexican concept art

Marianna Gonzalez Gastelum

She has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Monterrey. It has studies related to art education and art history. She was Marketing Coordinator at the Vaso Roto Ediciones publishing house in San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León and later Content Editor of the architecture and design magazine Tu Casa Nueva in Hermosillo, Sonora. In the educational field, he has given conferences, courses and workshops on the history of art and artistic expression for girls, boys, youth and adults in various institutions and cultural centers such as the Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Sonora Norte, from where he has designed, taught and coordinated subjects as well as student cultural projects. Since 2016 she has held the position of Coordinator of Arts at the Sonoran Institute of Culture and in 2019 she launched Arte Appétit: Cultura abocados, a platform dedicated to cultural education from where she gives talks and courses on art history.

Cost: 1,100 * pesos

7 sessions | From October 27 to December 8

* The course is taught on Thursdays from live talks at 5:00 pm via Zoom. It is necessary to have a Zoom account


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