Through these courses, the student will have training in both analytical and creative skills and tools for the development of their own literary texts.


Literary creation workshop
Aimed at all public | beginners

Theoretical-practical course in which the student will recognize elements of literary creation and will experience creative strategies to write literary.


At the end of this course, the student will have an overview of literary genres and will be able to write texts using creative strategies.

Session 1 | Creative unlocking exercises
Through ten playful writing strategies, the creativity of the group is put to the test.

Session 2 | writing texts
Analysis of the characteristics of the four literary genres.

Session 3 | Literary genres: narrative, poetry, essay, dramaturgy
Planning and genesis of a text. With a guide to the elements that make up a literary text, each student will create a short text, whose final version, after three drafts, will be read on the last day of the course.

Session 4 | textual structures
It investigates the possible structures; The first draft of the short text is read, which is enriched with group comments.

Session 5 | Characters, actions, places and time
The four elements of the literary structure are analyzed; the reading of the second draft of the short text is made, which is put to the consideration and discussion of the group.

Session 6 | Elements of proofreading and text editing
After the reading of the third draft of the short text and the group comments, some elements for the correction and editing of texts are examined.

Session 7 | text reading
In the last session, the final texts are read.

Carmen Alanis

Graduated in Spanish Letters from the UANL. Since 2001 she has worked as a learning facilitator in the areas of cultural promotion, literacy mediation, human rights, gender equity,
textual editing and university teaching. Interviewer, researcher and playwright at the La Zorroridad Producciones Collective. As a literacy mediator, she has given courses, workshops, seminars, talks, editorial presentations and conferences at institutions such as CONARTE, UANL, UMM, ITESM, MARCO, Niños CONARTE, the Ministry of Education, the International Fair of Libro de Monterrey, the UANLeer University Book Fair and various cultural spaces.

Cost: $ 2,600

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Wednesday from 18:30 to 21:00 pm
7 sessions | From March 29 to May 17 (holiday on May 10)


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