Through an introduction and training in the knowledge and evaluation of works or artists, this course seeks to make a formal review of different periods or events that have marked the history of art.


Reflections on art. Art as revelation: Between mysticism and reason.
Aimed at people over 15 years old | Beginner level  

This seminar intends to work in a deepening of the disturbing and structural aspects of contemporary art; in order to train spectators and artists in critical contact with their artistic tradition.


In these sessions the participant will obtain artistic analysis tools to develop their love for the arts and their creativity. With this we will obtain conceptual bases to explore and reflect on contemporary art and rethink our own work.

Session 1 | The art: beginnings and restarts
1.1 The muses before and the muses today, the question of art and creativity
1.2 Artists who survived the muses

Session 2 | William Blake, the love of the tremendous.
2.1 What sacred texts bring to art
2.2 The end of reason, the restart of art. Reflections on the work of José Bedia

Session 3 | Caravaggio and the caravaggistas.
3.1 Caravaggio, his style, his work, the frontiers of death
3.2 Caravaggistas of the XNUMXst century. Photographers of our time

Session 4 | Turner and Gauguin, a revelation.
4.1. The concept of revelation
4.2 Turner, a warrior of the look
4.3 Gauguin and Tamayo, a crossover to the XX

Session 5 | Eros and civilization (The struggle of the passions)
5.1 Eros and thanatos as fuel for creativity
5.2 Passions as fuel for art
5.3 Art and creation against social and personal suffocation

Session 6 | Great filmmakers.
6.1 Surrealism and realism in Mexican cinema. (Buñuel, del Toro, Doña Barbara)
6.2 Great works of world cinema

Session 7 | Mysticism and art, an endless relationship.
7.1 Art and mysticism in the midst of the crisis
7.2 Mysticism, city and revelation, the case of the Pre-Raphaelites and the Surrealists

Samuel Rodriguez Medina

He is a professor of Art, Cinema and Aesthetics at the ITESM campus Monterrey. He has a postgraduate degree in Contemporary Philosophy with an emphasis on art from the University of Granada, Spain. His books on Theory of Art "The awakening of the Look", "Night flight" (Ed. Font), and narrative, "The absence" (Arkho Ediciones), and "Death to the drift" (Alcion editora), have been published in both Mexico and Argentina. He has participated in national and international artistic and editorial projects and conferences with prestigious institutions. IG: samuelrodriguezdecember.

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7 sessions | From March 27 to May 15, holiday on May 1| Monday, 18:30 to 20:00


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