total environments
Helen escobedo 

August 12 to January 2023


The Monterrey Museum of Contemporary Art (MARCO) presents the exhibition Helen Escobedo: Total Environments, which offers a contemporary look at one of the pioneers of installation in Mexico, and opens to the public on August 12.
Helen Escobedo is famous for her abstract works, her monumental public sculptures located in urban spaces and institutional sites, as well as for her role as a cultural manager.

At the end of the 60s, the artist moved from traditional techniques to the creation of habitable sculptures, immersive, ephemeral works, challenging the canon, with critical discourses or loaded with humor; It is precisely from this perspective that she approaches the exhibition, reviewing a period of production from 1969 to 2010.

In total, it brings together 108 works, including paintings, collages, drawings, models and sculptures along four thematic axes: Inhabiting geometry, Vertical landscapes, Against monuments to everyday life and The wet ones. The tour analyzes the relationship between the human being and architecture, the home, the museum, nature and social policy. The artist makes constant reference to the urban, social context, to the environmental crisis, to encourage interactions and generate links between who live them. In this way, Helen Escobedo invites us to reflect on the impact of human beings on others and on the world, prefiguring in what has been called relational art, a trigger for collective and shared experiences.




#Total Environments

CURADURÍA: Lucía Sanromán, director of the LAA, and Paloma Gómez Puente, assistant curator.

MUSEOGRAPHY: Germen Estudio (Giacomo Castagnola and Cristóbal García).

ROOMS: 6 to 9 | Top floor.

TECHNICAL: Paintings, collages, drawings, models, sculptures and installations.

PLAYS: 108


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