Adeline de Monseignat. Enceinte
May 31 to September 2024


The Museum of Contemporary Art of Monterrey presents Pregnant, by Adeline de Monseignat in the Sculpture Courtyard, open from May 31.

Originally from Monaco and based in Mexico City, the artist Adeline de Monseignat intervened in the Museum's Sculpture Court area, where, based on landscaping, she created a natural environment to reflect on motherhood, through an immersive installation titled Seedscape (2024), the only work in the exhibition Pregnant.

In the space located outside you can see plants from the region, such as aloe vera, as well as other species such as monstera and fern, gathered in planters that follow the same contour of the walls that delimit the patio.

On a gravel-covered surface there are 40 sculptures created in Xalapa Travertine Marble, a type of rock material that can be associated with some finishes of the Museum, created by architect Ricardo Legorreta. Each sculpture refers to the procreative female womb, which unfolds into seeds containing life. They are arranged in eight groups of five units, ranging from 44 to 68 centimeters in diameter.

For the artist, the intervention is inspired by her personal experience with motherhood, at the same time, it links the context of the city surrounded by five mountain chains, due to its geological formation. Both the museum walls and the vegetation are protecting the sculptures in some way, just as the belly protects life.





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CURATORSHIP: Brenda Fernández, associate curator of MARCO.


ROOMS: Sculpture Courtyard

TECHNIQUE: Installation.


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