Unstable tunes: rethinking pictorial contemporaneity
February 23 to June 2024


The Museum of Contemporary Art of Monterrey presents Unstable Sintonias: rethinking pictorial contemporaneity, with the most recent projects by artists Ana Segovia, Noé Martínez and Artemio, showing new artistic and discursive positions through painting.

Under the curatorship of Taiyana Pimentel, with the curatorial assistance of Brenda Fernández, the exhibition analyzes current pictorial practice, proposing an approach based on three visions from different generations, but whose work reflects the challenges that artists face in the 21st century, and the new possibilities in a medium with so much academic and historical tradition.

As for the speech, each of the proposals questions different issues. Ana Segovia analyzes the performativity of gender as a staging, based on the stereotypes represented in cinema and in public figures such as soccer players. For his part, Martínez addresses slavery during the time of conquest, taking up pre-Hispanic and New Spain elements, while Artemio explores the role of blood in society through paintings by great artists in the history of universal art.

The three artists agree that they return to certain moments or elements of history to rethink their link with the past from their positions; That was the curatorial vision to bring them together in this exhibition, which seeks to investigate the new narratives of pictorial representations, from a more evident link with the history of art and cinema, through gestures and pre-Columbian tradition.




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CURATORSHIP: Taiyana Pimentel, director of MARCO and Brenda Fernández, associate curator of MARCO.


ROOMS: Room 5 | Low level.

TECHNIQUE: Painting on fabric, sculpture, object art.


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