Intervention. Luciano Matus
June 1 to January 2024


The artist Luciano Matus performs an intervention in MARCO's Patio de las Esculturas, where the viewer connects with the Monterrey landscape and architecture. Entitled Intervention. Luciano Matus, the artist's new project is part of his study Recognition of Space, in which he seeks to highlight the cultural and architectural values ​​of emblematic buildings. Matus found a link between the Museum's Patio de las Esculturas designed by Ricardo Legorreta, the terrace of Casa Luis Barragán, in Mexico City, and the Museo Experimental El Eco, designed by Mathias Goeritz. Of the three examples of modern and contemporary architecture, the last two have already been intervened by the artist.

In the case of MARCO, the architect by profession will place nickel cables next to the Museum equipment, which will be supported from the upper and inner corners of the Patio de las Esculturas towards the center of the space and at the height of the public eye, where they will be will place a sphere of chromed steel.
The cables are placed in such a way that they follow a pattern of lines from Cerro de la Silla, framed by Legorreta through architecture. For Matus, the intervention is like an 'aerial drawing', which also has a sound quality when the air moves the nickel cables.

The objective is that through the sphere, the visitors are reflected around the architectural space and the landscape, accentuated by the artist through the intervention. By focusing on the Cerro de la Silla as a main element of the work, Matus seeks to refer to a miniature landscape that can be shown in the visual effect of the sphere. The landscape seen in miniature is achieved with the zenithal perspective that can sometimes be seen from the highest part of a mountain, and the journey to the top is a path of introspection. With the intervention in MARCO, Matus emphasizes Legorreta's architectural gesture towards the landscape, and provides a visual, sound and reflective experience to the viewer.

Intervention. Luciano Matus is the fourth collaboration that MARCO has carried out for the Patio de las Esculturas, a space that since 2019 has been focused on contemporary sculpture, as one of the lines of work implemented by Taiyana Pimentel, director of the Museum. The first was Index, a collective with artists like Mario García Torres and Brian Eno, organized in 2019 together with FF Projects; the second was El ensamble del ocaso, a collective exhibition carried out with Peana, under the curatorship of its founder Ana Pérez Escoto, these two located in San Pedro, and the third was Meuser. New production, together with the Nordenhake Gallery, based in Berlin, Stockholm and Mexico City. Intervention. Luciano Matus is organized together with GEM3.ART, a gallery located in San Pedro.




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ROOMS: Patio of the sculptures.

TECHNICAL: Intervention of public space, installation of nickel cables and polished steel mat.


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