Social Sculpture
Pedro Reyes

March 11 to August 2022


With the exhibition Pedro Reyes: Social Sculpture, the Monterrey Museum of Contemporary Art (MARCO) features not only physical sculptures, but also relational sculptures. The public becomes an agent within the art works, and participates in psychosocial and philosophical experiences.
At the present, MARCO is undertaking an in-depth reappraisal of Mexican artists whose practices have had a significant impact on younger generations.

Pedro Reyes, (1972) lives and works in Mexico City. After completing his university studies in architecture, the artist rescued and occupied the sculpture The Tower of Winds (La Torre de los Vientos), created by Gonzalo Fonseca in 1968 for the Ruta de la amistad (Friendship Route). Between 1995 and 2002, he organized a series of exhibitions and performances inside this sculpture. This utopian vision of the city and the potential that lies dormant in its ruins allows us to identify some of the aesthetic and conceptual operations in Reyes’ artistic process.





CURATORSHIP: Julieta González

MUSEOGRAPHY: Museum of Contemporary Art of Monterrey

ROOMS: 1 to 5 | Main floor

TECHNIQUE: Sculpture, installation, drawing, video, collage and painting

WORKS: 230.


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