Creating memories from the contemporary

APRIL 2020 


Faced with the new challenges that are being experienced worldwide due to the Covid-19 pandemic, MARCO carried out an initiative that was launched in April, with the main purpose of documenting the experiences of the community and building memories that preserve this information that can serve as reflection, analysis and dialogue.

With the project Creating memories from the contemporary, artists, academics and society in general were invited to send their photographic records and video documentation, so that they could contribute and share for future reference, about this unprecedented moment.

The project consisted of making a memory of the way in which the contingency due to the pandemic has been experienced from different areas and from different perspectives, considering the social and economic impact, both public and private.

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MARCO is a democratic place, a museum for everyone, which beyond exhibiting, conserving and investigating, is a space for dialogue that is also at the service of its community and tries to form a link with it to also become a space for socialization and harmony in moments when the community needs to share and reflect, therefore, the Museum became a platform for these expressions.