Telling my story with MARCO

JULIO 2020 


The Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey launched the campaign to collect donations open to the public called SOS MARCO in April, and in addition to it, the storytelling project Compartiendo experiences emerged, which aims to recover the personal memories of artists, lived or influenced by MARCO.

This activity arises thanks to the initiative of the artist Salvador Díaz (CdMx 1977) who has lived in the city of Monterrey since 1985, who through his social networks shared the value of his experiences in the Museum, thus highlighting, in this act of solidarity, the importance of maintaining, supporting and strengthening the cultural spaces that surround us as a community.

Through the tool of storytelling, a technique that consists of telling stories associated with art and that connects emotionally through them, the artists have been able to share their testimony of what the Museum of ALL has been, is and may become. .

“I love MARCO! I don't remember the first time I went, perhaps because it is so present in my life and I feel it so much mine that I have come to believe that it was with me forever. There are so many memories I have of MARCO that I could not list them: weddings, events, courses, conferences, concerts, meetings, meals and I have seen almost all the exhibitions, most of them several times. I like its space, its shape, its color, especially the peace it feels, it is as if time stopped or slowed down within its walls.

I started teaching at the Museum in 2010 and I have had hundreds of students, some of them enrolled from the first year, continuing without interruption. I have met wonderful people who have become great friends that I love and admire. I was invited to participate in the project “Around the ball”, where the invited artists participated in soccer balls that were auctioned. Since then I have been included in "The night of the artists" project that is suspended by quarantine. I was a teacher in charge of the project with IDIS (Institute for the integral development of the deaf ABP) giving painting classes for deaf children where I also learned a bit of sign language. I participated with the Museum as a painting teacher in the Juvenile Guardianship Council on one occasion. I was invited for several years at the New Dawn Expo-auction, exhibiting the works in the Museum lobby. I signed up for several trips organized by MARCO to visit fairs and biennials outside of Mexico, helping as a volunteer in translation and logistics, on one occasion I was as a teacher. I had the opportunity to participate in “Yourbrainon art” at the invitation of the Museum, with MARCO, ITESM and the U of Houston. In this project, three visual artists, including myself, carried out a performance exercise of "Exquisite Corpse", painting and creating live in the Museum's auditorium with sensors connected to measure brain waves ... ".

Lorena Rodriguez @lorenardz

The Telling my story with MARCO project is still in force and those interested will be able to choose their story to tell, write it, complement it with images, photographs or videos. Proposals are sent for review to the mail: