Sharing the best of art

JUNE 2021 


The Museum of Contemporary Art of Monterrey is the most important Museum in northern Mexico and one of the most relevant throughout the country and Latin America, a great reference in the world of contemporary art that has put the city of Monterrey in the international eye. becoming the spearhead for numerous cultural and artistic projects. The quality of MARCO's exhibition offer places it on a par with the museums of the great capitals and has become one of the emblems of Monterrey, in addition to being a Patrimony of the State of Nuevo León, as well as a great detonator of cultural life from Mexico.

MARCO is today one of the most important platforms, it is a space for debate, creation and positioning, which has gained solid prestige. An open and democratic space for all forms of expression; an inclusive institution that respects human diversity and dignity.

The purpose of presenting the best of contemporary art has been developed through the quality of 244 exhibitions held to date, in which the works of the most relevant artists from around the world have been present, with proposals that testify, the evolution of the languages ​​of art in the last 30 years. MARCO has received the visit of more than 5 million people, of which a large number have done so for free.

The beginnings of this great project date back to June 1989 when the visionaries Márgara Garza Sada de Fernández and Diego Sada made their official announcement: the Museum of Contemporary Art of Monterrey, which would be in the heart of the city. The dream of giving a museum to Nuevo León began to become a reality in August of that same year with the beginning of the works and thanks to the support of the Government of the State of Nuevo León, together with the important contributions of the private initiative.

On June 28, 1991, MARCO opened its doors with the exhibition "Myth and magic in America: Los Ochenta" a decade of painting through 300 works by 61 painters from 17 countries, catapulting it very soon to become one of the most important museums. important in Latin America.

  • beginnings of the museum
  • Framework inauguration

Currently, the general director of this institution since 2019, Taiyana Pimentel proposes to reinforce MARCO's presence in the global art scene using the prestige that the museum has and taking advantage of the momentum of a city as important as Monterrey, as well as seeking a relationship horizontal with the rest of the museums and public and private institutions of the country. One of its main objectives has been to give the royal public the opportunity to enjoy and witness what happens in the Mexican art scene, as well as to promote the formation of collections, research and the coexistence of national and international talent with the possibility of creating international exhibitions in which Mexican artists play a prominent role.

The curatorial perspective, the exhibition programs and the educational programs have been the pillar from which he has conceptualized the Museum's visibility, seeking to give presence to Mexican artists established in the artistic circuit and to retake the artistic construction of the north of the country, giving space for position your creations in MARCO.

This 30th Anniversary, we celebrate all the public that makes it possible for the Museum to live, because each of these years is a sum of all the efforts that have contributed in the development of new projects, in the approach with the community and the awareness of the public with art, its main mission.