The Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey (MARCO) presents, for the first time in Mexico, the installation Take Care of Yourself by the conceptual artist Sophie Calle; critically acclaimed internationally, it was realized for the French pavilion at the 2007 Venice Bienale.

For the installation the artist, originally from France, was inspired by an e-mail that was sent to her by her then partner, in which he decided to end their amorous relationship and did so with the title phrase of the work.

Sophie Calle decided to invite women from different professions to make an analysis of the letter, each one from the point of view of their personal discipline. In total, there are interpretations from 107 women dedicated to journalism, editing, performance, singing, dance, philosophy and psychoanalysis, among many other areas.

The result of this exercise is the radiography of a rupture that meticulously dissects each possible meaning to the phrases of a farewell message. The piece is a compendium of photographic portraits, written studies and video performances that examine the possibilities of human emotions and express ideas about love, pain, sex and work, as well as intimacy and identity, the recurring themes in this artist’s career.

Accompanying Take Care of Yourself  is an installation that forms part of the series True Stories that recreates a room in which one sees some valuable objects, like two bridal dresses, one red and another white, a wig and a portrait of Sigmund Freud, which belong to the artist and that occuppy a sentimental place in her personal “museum.”

Born in Paris, in 1953, Sophie Calle is well known on an international level for utilizing her personal life in the creation of her works, always starting from a unique and complex perspective. It is characterized by the exploration of human relationship through provocative, and occasionally, controversial methods that are materialized in meticulous stories narrated through photographs, videos and texts that reveal, or seem to do so, the artist’s and others own lives.

An example of that is one of her earliest works in which she took photographs in Venice of an unknown man who she followed without being seen, producing a diary about her spying. That is how Suite Vénitienne came about. This almost morbid curiosity of hers would bring her to contact the people whose telephone numbers she found in a notebook with addresses and then asking them to describe its owner. The encounters with these people were published in a French diary and later would be part of La Carnet d’addresses.

The exhibition Sophie Calle. Take Care of Yourself will be on view to the public from Friday, 11 April to Sunday, 31 August 2014.

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