Following the exhibition Record 02. A Second Glance, which was a review of the work of young artists from northeastern Mexico who reflected both upon the perception and the active role of the spectator, the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey presents Record 03. Mirror/Reflection, which expands on the analysis of the frontier border between Mexico and the United States.

The show reflects upon the political and social identities of this extremely complex geographical area through the work of Cristina Ibarra, Hugo Lugo, Rubén Ortiz Torres, Marcos Ramírez ERRE, Daniel Ruanova, Torolab, and Yvonne Venegas, artists born in Mexico or whose lives have brought them to live in this area.

From their very personal artistic style, each one of these artists has approached the subject from the geographical, political, social, cultural, and psychological sphere, making their work a mirror for one to look at and even scrutinize the identity and stigma of the Mexican who lives on both sides of the border, while also reflecting their idiosyncracy.

What determines the real and the fictitious, the present and the past, the north and the south of the border? The work of Hugo Lugo, at the beginning of Record 03, confronts the spectator with these questionings while at the same time it transports the viewer to a poetic world that stimulates the imagination. Works like Iluminar lo olvidado, 2011, and Ensayo para elaborar un desastre, paisaje expandido, 2009, also refer to the solitude and loneliness that the emigrant feels when confronted by the language barrier and cultural gap.

In the next gallery, the molecular urbanism of Torolab—a collective founded by Raúl Cárdenas—reveals to the public, through pieces in the series Moment. Por otro lado, LRPT: La region de los pantalones transfronterizo, 2004-2005, questionings of the physical and geographical zone of the frontier by mapping the movements of five individuals who used to travel back and forth between San Diego and Tijuana. This spatial choreography that reflects the different personal and professional activities of the participant and makes evident the close relationship between both cities.

The lighthearted and amusing videos of Cristina Ibarra reveal her watered-down consciousness of the borderline culture; her characters, with their complicated familial and historic links, not only demand their own individuality, but she also captures the everyday life of Chicanos and Latinos in the United States.

The customs, the social classes, the power, and the Mexican identity are analyzed through the inquisitive lens of Yvonne Venegas, whose captivating portraits give testimony to the behavior, education, social position, and morality of the people.

The work of Rubén Ortiz Torres alludes to the Chicano tradition of modifying cars in pieces like 1% & 99%, 2012, and Aguamala, 2012. The thermal-sensitive paint that he used has a similarity to the capricious tones of the playful cars.

Among the work of Marcos Ramírez ERRE presented here in the exhibition the final piece of the series Crossroads stands out. Commissioned by MARCO for the show, Crossroads, Monterrey, 2012, refers, like his sisters, to the experience of the traveler, of the wanderer, who is faced with endless numbers of alternatives, possibilities, and limitations.

Finally, Record 03 closes with the work of Daniel Ruanova. Warlike, vibrant, and urban, the artist, a native of Mexicali, reflects in his work the energy and vitality of the clash between the two worlds.

The exhibition will remain on view from January 25 to May 5, 2013.

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