CURATORS: Pre-Hispanic art: Marcus Winter; Colonial art: Elisa Vargas Lugo; XIX Century art and Porfiriato: Juana Gutiérrez Haces; XX Century art: Jorge Alberto Manrique, Alicia Azuela, Rita Eder; Architecture: William Curtis; Photography: Carlos Monsiváis.
MUSEOGRAPHER: Jorge Guadarrama.

This show brought together the richness and complexity of art from Oaxaca in all its stages thanks to 300 works that included paintings, sculptures, different object and popular art, all the while emphasizing the contributions made to the universal art of our time by this great culture.

Periods: Pre-Hispanic art, Colonial art, XIX Century art and Porfiriato and XX Century art. Works from great artists such as Rufino Tamayo, Francisco Toledo and Rodolfo Morales; and from young artists from Oaxaca: Sergio Hernández, Filemón Santiago, Maximino Javier, José Villalobos, Jesús Urbieta and Esteban Azamar.
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