In 2015, Zamora presented in Brazil an installation-action entitled REviraVOLTA [REturnVOLT], which consisted of a collective, musical, rhythmic performance using traditional implements for the making of typical Mexican sorbets or ice creams. This traditional dessert is made through a simple process: the pulp of different fruits is transferred to metal containers which are in turn placed in larger wooden tubs filled with ice and salt. As the metal cylinder is turned, it rubs against the salted ice and the temperature of the pulp is lowered until it freezes. In the case of the action devised by the artist, the role of ice-cream maker was assigned to a group of musicians who, in a festive frame of mind, performed a composition inspired in the rhythms of the context in which it was presented. Thus, at the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil in Brasilia, the musical style was based on a batucada (a substyle of samba) composed by the instrumentalist André Hosoi. The action’s result—a large quantity of different flavors of ice cream—was then offered on a table placed at the center of the musicians’ work stations, where people could serve themselves freely in order to complete the ritual.

Restaging the piece in Mexico, forty performers played a composition inspired in various rhythms associated with Mexican culture, in collaboration with the celebrated Cuban-born, Mexico-based musician Noel Savón Favier. With its reminiscences of northeastern Mexican music, complemented by that of other regions, the action is set in the last gallery that viewers will cross in this exhibition, where they will see sculptural elements used in the making of ice cream in the form of an installation, accompanied by an audio recording and a documentary video. The conceptual twist for this Mexican version is defined by a slight but significant change in the title. RE/VUELTA [Revolt] is simultaneously the title of this piece and of the whole exhibition, pointing on one side to the evident action of rotating the canisters to produce fruit sorbets or ice cream, and on the other to a time of social dissent struggling to express grievance. Zamora’s piece is, then, both a celebration and a reminder of the relevance of retaining hints of humanity in a time marked by indifference and depersonalization.

Composition for MARCO and direction by: Noel Savón Favien.
Collaboration: Chef Emigdio Rodríguez.
Participation: 4 music masters and 36 musicians.

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