For the first retrospective exhibition of Héctor Zamora (Mexico City, 1974) in Mexico, the staff of the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey has worked closely with the artist to prepare a selection of works that brings together the different sides of his production over two decades.

The artist´s work is able to outline, in a very precise manner, the different critiques she has while at the same time making us aware of just how fragile we are on this planet. Her take on nature is unique because even though she points out how negative human activity is the primary cause of certain types of disasters, she also brings to mind the meteorological phenomena that have existed since the beginning of time such as floods, earthquakes, droughts, etc. In this way, when the artist transmits her particular vision of the world that is triggered by a strange mix of fear and fascination in the face of nature, she also gives us critical elements about the enormous carbon footprints left by our global civilization.

Focused on the labor of millions of people who still practice trades infused with invaluable knowledge, Zamora’s oeuvre evinces the dramatic decline of human presence in practically all productive processes that keep our civilization functioning. This has implied a removal of the human element in all types of objects and services, reducing them to cold artifacts, deprived of any aura. For the artist, this is not so much about a nostalgic view of the past as it is about the urgency to evince the risk of total dehumanization of society. Zamora seeks to recover the human ingenuity that overcomes obstacles and achieves goals, and to reflect on the impact of several trades and knowledges on any kind of production.

The critical clarity in Zamora’s work could be described as some kind of interpretative hybrid, halfway among sociology, anthropology, history, and art. Zamora brings to light the intrinsic mechanics of the social contexts in which he works. He becomes a sort of catalyst so that the person confronted with his projects can intuit the reality of contemporary societies. At the same time, many of his projects make political or philosophical comments with great elegance and simplicity. And yet there is an additional dimension in his work, tied to a fascination with advanced materials and technical solutions. A dialogue with space has been a defining feature of Zamora’s career since its beginning. Drawn from that dialogue—related with scale and shape—, a particular interest by geometry and light structures became clear in Zamora. That kind of formal solutions are still evident in his workshop, where Zamora produces pieces based, for instance, in materials found while visiting factories and industrial facilities.

The exhibition Héctor Zamora. RE/VUELTA (REVOLT) will be open to the public from Friday, September 1, 2017 through Sunday, January 7, 2018.

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