1891 Born in Untermhaus, Germany.

1906-1910 Apprenticeship in the decorative painting trade in Gera, Germany.

1910-1914 Studies at Dresden Academy of Applied Arts

1915-1918 Soldier in World War I

1919-1922 Studies at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, co-founder of the artist group Dresden Secession

1921-1925 Artistic breakthrough in Düsseldorf.

1923 Marries Martha Koch, birth of his first child Nelly.

1924 Becomes a member of the Berlin Secession group.

1925-1927 In the metropolis Berlin. Participation in the exhibition “Neue Sachlichkeit” (New Objectivity) in Mannheim in 1925. Birth of his son Ursus.

1927-1933 Professor at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts. Participates in the Venice Biennale in 1928/30, and exhibitions in New York, Paris, and Amsterdam. Birth of his son Jan in

1928. Paints two of his most important artworks the Metropolis triptych (1927/28) and the War Triptych (1929-32). Becomes a member of the Prussian Academy of Arts, Berlin in 1931.

1933-1945 Fired from his post and defamed as a “degenerate” artist. 260 of his works in public ownership are confiscated, inner emigration to Lake Constance. Drafted into the national militia Volkssturm in 1945.

1946-1969 Late work in Hemmenhofen, retrospective in East Berlin in 1957. Numerous exhibitions, tributes, and awards in both German states.

1969 Dies in Singen, Germany.

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